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Each and every day, citizens of the UK are being let down by the people who run this country. This applies not only to politicians but to judges, the police, and public servants across all Government Departments and public bodies. Other powerful organisations, such as newspaper groups and global corporations, are thumbing their noses at us too.

These people need us. They need our votes, our spending power and our labour. The concentration of power in their hands leads them to ignore us. They do not care about us. They care about themselves, their careers, their wealth, and their power.

Integrity & Justice is taking the fight to these people. What they most fear is being exposed, their reputations suffering, or being hit in their pockets.

Integrity & Justice is a Peoples’ Platform. Ordinary citizens have power only when they come together, share their stories, pool their resources, and speak with one voice. Campaigns fought on Integrity & Justice, even if they directly affect only one of us, belong to all of us.


We are lied to, mis-sold to, and tricked daily into believing the spin and untruths of our political leaders.


Judges are puffed up with self-importance and out of touch. We know nothing about who they are. They are not accountable to us.


Paedophiles in Parliament escape trial; fraudulent bankers avoid investigation; millionaire tax cheats are forgiven: and the police are a law unto themselves!

Mr Robert Buckland QC MP

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Robert Buckland is not a man to be trusted with responsibility over our lives. He does not deserve to be Solicitor General. He does not deserve to be an MP.


Letter from Michael Ward

I created Integrity & Justice as part of my own personal fight for justice. After years of writing and telephoning without success, I wanted to name and shame the persons and organisations which had failed me.

When I was younger, I never doubted that the people with power over us cared about us and were fighting for us. I recognised that, like everyone on the Planet, they made mistakes, but I never doubted that their hearts were in the right place.

I learned through bitter personal experience that I was wrong. When something bad happened to me years ago, I put my faith in the system. The system let me down. For twenty years, I have tried to get this unfairness rectified. The system has fought me tooth and nail, covering things up, pretending nothing wrong happened, lying, falsifying, concealing and obfuscating.

I have learned that the system’s default position is to deny and conceal rather than admit and expose. However, the more I thought about it, the more I recognised that practically all of us, at some time or other, have grievances against the organisations which run our lives. By ‘grievances’, I am not referring to honest mistakes by public officials or failed policies which have been fairly arrived at. I am referring to something more corrosive – the lack of basic integrity and justice which is so often to be seen in the decisions and policies which affect our daily lives.

That is why I am inviting anyone who feels they were let down by the system to tell their story.

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